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Sail armada professional skippers team is our foundation

Every success story has a solid foundation. Our foundation’s name is, and it stands for a specialized charter skipper training school.
At the end of the day, the entire sailing concept, whether private or flotilla, revolves around the skipper. The skipper represents your personal connection to this amazing phenomenon.

Our focus, since 2010, here at Sail Armada, has been on standardizing and refining what it takes to be a proficient charter skipper. We created a specific training school and modules for our skippers, modules combining safety, seamanship, intensive practice and etiquette, so they can become skillful and dependable sailing companions. stands for the sailing ladder that any professional charter skipper should climb in order to achieve the required skill set that allows him or her to skipper your private week.

All our trainers from are RYA Yachtmaster certified, undergo extensive training sessions and are able to create, in time, skippers we can be proud of and we can recommend to carry our ethos onwards. We train not only competent skippers who can take you safely from A to B, but we also work with special individuals that you will enjoy spending your time with, present by your side the entire week, able to understand and cater to your requirements.

All Capetan-certified skippers who will be a part of your sailing holiday have undergone extensive training during our Hands On Practice and Hands On Practice Advanced modules; all of them have at least 2000 miles as a skipper-in-command in private or flotilla events; they are ICC and RYA certified, with continuous qualification planned. As we say, sailing is a language that requires learning throughout your entire life.

At Capetan, we are proud to be a part of your vacation and delighted to be at your service. Our skippers represent us and everything we’ve invested in them, no wonder we are Capetan Club – Skippers’ Elite.

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