Getting from Athens Airport to Alimos Marina 

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How to simply get to Alimos Marina from the airport

If you`re sailing with us in Greece this summer from Alimos Marina, we thought we should share with you some inside tips on how to get there from Athens International Airport. It`s really easy, you`ll see.


Lined outside the Arrivals area, a huge line of taxis are waiting but the rule is you always have to get in the first car of the line. Don`t even try it, because the taxi drivers will just redirect you to the first car. Taking a taxi costs around 45Euro/pers, depending on the number of people. 

Uber or Beat

Only in Athens, you can use a taxi app like Uber or Beat. The locals mostly use Beat, who works just like Uber. Keep in mind that because of recent regulations, when calling an Uber you`ll get a regular taxi, but you can still pay via the app.

City Bus X96

The cheapest way to get to Alimos Marina is definitely the X96 Bus, at just 6 Euro/person. Buses leave every 30 minutes and the ride takes about 90 minutes but it`s the only direct line to the marina. The bus station is just outside the Arrival Area at the airport, a little to the right, at the front of the taxi line. You can buy tickets from there. You need to get off at 1st Kalamaki station and just cross the street into the marina or get off at EDEM station, walk back to the traffic lights, cross the road towards Shell Gas Station and enter the marina. 


The second cheapest way is by the metro, but you have to change 1 line. For 10 Euro/person, you`ll get at Alimos Marina in approx. 60 minutes. From the airport, make sure you get on line 3 and then change to Line 2 at Syntagma station (direction: Elliniko). Then get off at EDEM station and walk to the marina. 

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