What`s the Wild Route?

No tourists, no cars, no crowded places!

The most secluded beaches, the most hidden places and the most picturesque islands. We`ll keep you away from the crowded places and show you the wild side of Greece. Mingle with the locals in picturesque little island village and sleep under the stars in hidden bays on the Wild Route Greece.  

Empty beaches and hidden swimming spots!

Get the private beach feeling and enjoy the silence, because our swimming spots are pretty hidden. Mostly reachable by boat only, the turquoise waters of these places are a total eye-candy, perfect for snorkeling, swimming or paddle boarding. We can`t wait to show you One House Bay and Kamalos Island! 

Explore and mingle!

Island stops will not get you in the crowded places, because ours are in picturesque little villages, where the streets are few and narrow. Mingle with the locals, hear the history, enjoy the local fresh cuisine and explore your surroundings, because islands like Kastos and Kefalonia have a lot to give! 

That private beach feeling is just a click away.

To beachfinity and beyond we say!

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