KOM Discover Aeolian Islands

7 days
From 820€

KOM Discover Aeolian Islands

22 Jun -29 Jun 2024


  • Sunset on the top of an active volcano
  • A paradise in the Mediterranean sea
  • Delicious “Cucina Italiana”
  • Snorkel and swim in crystal clear waters
  • Enjoy paddleboarding in secluded bays
  • Experience la dolce far niente
vacanta catamaran italia

What’s included

  • Seven days & nights on a sailing yacht 
  • Professional and friendly skipper
  • Safety and navigation equipment
  • Sheets and towels
  • Learn to sail with your skipper
  • Dinghy with outboard and gasoline

Route description

A hop and a skip away from Sicily`s northern shore are 7 magical islands that we`ll sail around for one week: Vulcano, Lipari, Stromboli, Panarea, Salina, Filicudi & Alicudi. Each with its own unique personality and traits, these unspoiled volcanic patches of land will feel like time stood still hundreds of years ago. Yes, we did say volcanic and yes that means black-sand beaches and sizzling lava craters. We`ll add some stunning turquoise waters, amazing beaches, picturesque villages, sunsets on active volcanos and rustic cuisine adorned with traditional honey-sweet Malvasia wine.

All the ingredients for a slice of Italian paradise known as the Aeolian Islands, a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2000 and the best place for sophisticated sailors and food enthusiasts.

These 3 islands have the mythical feel as well as the modern touch, but most of all, they have a breathtaking coastline waiting to be sailed and snorkeled.

vacanta sailing in italia

If you are looking for a “once in a lifetime” moment, this is the place where you can admire a perfect sunset on the top of an active volcano, while lava flows a few meters away from you.

Smokin' vulcano, right ahead!

Stromboli – natural lighthouse

Your 7-Day Sailing Schedule

  • check-in sailing holiday sail armada
  • Welcome on board

    • Arrive in the marina around 3:00 PM
    • Meet the skipper and the rest of the crew
    • Handle the provisions shopping 
    • Get on board around 5:00 PM
    •  Pay the fuel&docking fees and leave the deposit
    • Relax, unpack, and settle into your cabin
    • Dine out, mingle, meet your sailing family

Discover Aeolian Islands Itinerary

Sicily – Italy


Leaving from Marina di Portorosa our first stop will be the black beaches of Vulcano, where we will dock for the night in the southern part of the island. Named after the Roman God of Fire, this island is nothing but impressive with its lunar landscape created by the smoking volcano that last erupted in 1890. The smell of sulfur is a daily thing here but once you feel the soft black sand under your feet and have a swim in the sea bubbling with hot springs, it will be the last thing on your mind.

sailing trip on yacht in italy
lipari island marina

One of the largest Aeolian Islands, Lipari has many docking marinas for us to choose from. We`ll let you get lost in the narrow streets with charming little shops and restaurants perfect for enjoying the Italian Cucina with the Malvasia delle Lipari on the side. If you feel like basking in nature, renting a scooter is the best way to get away and discover the panoramic points with breathtaking views of the neighboring islands. But did we mention the turquoise waters and the perfect white beaches around the island? Papesca, Campo Bianco or Aqua Calda are just a few of them and trust us, it`s a sight worth seeing with waters worth swimming in.


Defined by its erupting lava, you will not want to miss a one of a kind sunset enjoyed from one of Europe’s still active volcanoes. Yes, that’s right, we will get you on top of Stromboli with a guided tour and all you need are some hiking boots, a warm jacket, 30 euros and 5 hours of your time. This dramatic island bursts of lava fireworks and coves with black beaches with turquoise waters ideal for snorkeling, if you are not the hiking type.

vulcanul stromboli
panarea island in italy

The smallest but yet the most beautiful of them all, Panarea is the unspoiled jewel where the rich and famous come to play. Rocky shores with colorful sub-tropical vegetation, surrounded by small islets with see-through waters, this is the go-to place for snorkeling. Measuring just 2.5km by 1.8km, this unspoiled little island, is the best example of nature at its finest. Delight yourself with a quiet afternoon in the secluded bay of Cala Junco and hypnotizing views of Stromboli from its highest points.

Portorosa is our starting point and just as well end-line where we’ll get back Friday. Marina where we’ll spend our last night on the yacht is like a skittish small village with many villas and canals. Farewell dinner will be served at a restaurant by the sea.
Portorosa marina sailing in italia

Sail the Aeolian Islands!

the mediteranean paradise

How to get there

Portorosa Marina, Sicily You can catch a flight to the nearest airport in Catania or the farthest one in Palermo. We recommend using search engines like SkyScannerMomondoExpedia for the best deals.


We can arrange your transfer from the airport to the Portorosa Marina with taxi companies. The prices depend on the number of people and the airport you are arriving at. s around 40-50 Euro/pers.


You do have some train and bus options but they take around 4-5 hours to get in the marina. Go check out Rome2Rio to see more details about public transportation.

Portorosa Marina, Sicily, Italy
22 Jun -29 Jun 2024
  • Sailing yacht rental
  • Towels and linen
  • Dinghy with outboard
  • Professional skipper
  • End-cleaning
  • Not Included
  • Transport to/from Portorosa Marina, Sicily
  • Food & drink provisions for the week (around 70€ pp)
  • Refundable deposit of 100€ pp
  • Docking fee & yacht fuel for the week (around 70€ pp)
  • Book your spot on KOM Discover Aeolian Islands

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    Sail the hidden paradise of the Aeolian Islands on a catamaran or monohull and experience life on the sea in one of the most spectacular places of the Mediterranean.

    KOM Discover Aeolian Islands

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