Just a regular day on a sailing holiday

You`ve probably heard by now of this new vacation trend called sailing holidays but maybe you don`t have a clear idea on what it`s all about. Well, we are here to shed some light on the concept and also to paint you a picture of a regular day on board with us.

So basically, sailing holidays are all about one week of 24/7 sea view, a lot of freedom,  access to wild beaches, jumping in crystal clear waters straight out of bed, unspoiled nature and no mass tourism.

Now that you got the big picture, let`s break down what a regular sailing day looks like, in case you`ve ever wondered what you`ll be doing for 7 days on a boat. Of course, island hopping is included.

Waking up

There`s absolutely no pressure to wake up at a certain hour, but everyone is mostly up by 9 a.m. Breakfast is usually a social thing, in fact, most meals are and everyone on board chips in, either with cooking or doing the dishes. Until we set sail to our next island, you can spend your morning as you please: a refreshing morning swim, a sea-view coffee on the deck, a quick run on the beach.  

Setting sail

Around 10 – 11 a.m., once everyone is done with their morning activities, we`ll prepare to set sail for our next overnight stop: a marina or a secluded bay. As a general rule, sailing takes around 3 to 5 hours/day. During this time, it`s best to just relax on the deck, read a book, enjoy a cold drink, sunbathe or take a nap. But keep in mind you can always ask your skipper to show you how to sail. We are always more than happy to share the knowledge.

Bathing pit stop

Mid-way through our way, we`ll make a pit stop for bathing, most likely in a remote bay reachable only by boat, which means empty beaches perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Since by now it`s going to be around 1 – 2 p.m., we`ll have lunch on board followed by a well-deserved sailing siesta seasoned with good vibes, music, drinks and see-through  waters.

Arriving and docking

We`ll arrive at our overnight destination around 5 p.m., so once we dock the boat, it`s time to explore the land. Sprinkled with picturesque little villages, the fastest way to discover an island is to rent a scooter, but mingling with the locals while enjoying a gelato on narrow streets with hidden little craft shops and cafes is never a bad idea. But anchoring in a secluded bay with no one around means that it`s time to bring out the inflatables, swim to the beach and enjoy the golden sunset.

Dinner time

The sun slowly sets so dinner is around the corner. Around 8 or 9 p.m., we`ll gather up at a local tavern, that`s usually your skipper`s favorite place to eat, so you know the food will be good. Prepare to feast on local fresh fish and delicious traditional and international cuisine, fit for every taste. After dinner, everyone`s free to do as they please, wheatear you want to go to a bar or have late night drinks and chats with your crew mates, it`s really up to you. On the other hand, if we`ll be spending the night in a remote bay instead of a marina, the dinner will be prepared by whoever wants to share their cooking skills with the rest of the crew, ending the night with a glass of wine and late night chats. And definitely some good music.

So maybe for your next holiday, you`ll think about changing the all-inclusive vacationing style and go for a more adventurous experience, avoiding crowded places and finding nature`s hidden gems while island hopping your way through our summer destinations: Greece, Italy or Turkey.

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