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cat costa o vacanta pe catamaran

Who hasn’t dreamed of being on a yacht holiday for a second? If yachts hadn’t appeared in so many movies … we’d still wanted to get one. And not just step on the deck of such a boat. But to be at sea, surrounded only by darkness and water. The only lights we see, to be the ones we light.And the silence of the sea to be broken only by our music. During this time, enjoy some appetizers, drink a sparkling wine and laugh with our closest friends.

We can imagine something even more extravagant. A big party with music, dance, your favorite DJs and celebrities. Now, we can’t even promise you top celebrities and DJs, although we have some such acquaintances who have turned to our services. However, we can provide you with any kind of yacht you want and we have prepared for this year the most unique routes for you and your friends, famous or not.

Although most people always considered that renting a yacht involves a high price, we have proved otherwise.  The cruises we organize are comparable in price to stays at hotels in nearby areas. But the experience you will live does not compare to anything you have lived. You will discover islands, bays and other hard to reach locations.

Sailing on a yacht for a few days, beautiful memories for a lifetime

We believe that the sailing experience is not just about the places you visit. Sailing itself, on a yacht, is a valuable experience. That’s why, whether you are an experienced navigator or you are on a boat for the first time, we want you to be an active part of the crew.

Through our activity we try to instill a passion for navigation, not just to show you splendid places. Our boats are sailboats, both monohulls and catamarans. We believe that an essential experience is that of sailing and not motorized.

If you think about it, it’s a metaphor for life. Nature, by its force, sets things in motion. Knowing how to control that force in the direction you want is an impressive thing. Hence the courage with which the profession of navigator has always been associated. Many people only think about the dangers that can arise due to water.

Many do not realize how impressive it is to be carried by the wind where and how you want. Just as faith helps us to connect to a unitary whole, which we cannot see, but we feel it deeply and helps us to move forward, so the wind is the force of nature which, if we know how to control it, will take us where we want to go.

Sailing is about adventure and freedom. Fishing enthusiasts can understand how reassuring a boat ride can be. Well, that soothing sensation is only the smallest part.

We have prepared routes among the most beautiful and green islands, the most hidden bays and the most exotic beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. During all this time you will sail with friends or family, taking full advantage of the sun and relaxation.

We don’t stop sailing

Cruises are also not just about sailing. Our packages include a lot of unique activities. Although sailing is our passion, we understand that a wonderful vacation can’t be just that. We want everyone who travels with us to stay with a real life experience.

First of all, while we are still “on the wave”, literally, we offer you the opportunity to snorkel in the clearest waters you will ever see. Underwater life is absolutely gorgeous in those areas.

If swimming is not your strong point, you can take a motor or rowing dinghy to get a closer look at what is hidden under the surface of the water, without getting wet.

The most adventurous of you, who can’t sit still even when they relax, we have the perfect solution. A new sport that can be learned in just 10 minutes. Yes, we know, sports on vacation … but are you thinking of coming from vacation toned and relaxed? Joke, this is an absolutely relaxing and good sports activity for everyone.

For those ready to equip themselves in swimsuits and shake hands and not to swim, we have prepared the SUPs. We are talking about Stand-Up Paddles for everyone on board. It is a sport in which you can become experts without realizing it. All you have to do is get on a board and stay there while paddling. Does it sound simple?

costuri vacanta de sailing

Dolce far niente

Because we know that say, that water and sun make you tired, we have prepared something ideal to bring you back your strength during the trips. As an engine cannot run without fuel, neither can man without food. And we didn’t think about any food. We integrated in this experience the much appreciated Mediterranean cuisine.

For our moorings we prepared visits through wonderful rustic cities, medieval fortresses and green places, little touched by human intervention. From medieval architecture to romantic sunsets viewed from an active volcano, we want to satisfy any preference.
Depending on your stay, because we are talking about food, you will be able to enjoy dishes from traditional Maltese, Italian or Greek cuisine. We know how much these cuisines are appreciated, especially the Italian one.

If you’ve ever wondered why so many people love Italy or why the Greeks have so much zest for life, be prepared to feel it on your skin. Better said on your taste buds. After all, we are what we eat, right?

Get ready to live unforgettable moments with your loved ones and all come on a yacht holiday for a week!

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